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About US

About Company


CV NomNom Indonesia is a snack manufacturer that produce healthy snack using local ingredients since 2016.

It was all started when the founders decided to make a modern twist of traditional snacks, and since then, we have continuously explored traditional snacks in Indonesia.

On 2018, we scaled up our production line and launched the first rengginang panggang in Indonesia.

Our Brand

ppuff! “green color” is our commitment on providing plant based snacks to the consumers which taste good and produced using real ingredients from local suppliers.

Our factory is located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, which is halal certified and equipped with modern machinery. Having a founder with experience in flavouring, formula development and wide connection in the food industry; we are confident that ppuff! will always innovate and provide wholesome snacks to our consumers.

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  • Becoming world leading healthy snacks brand.


  • Creating new innovative healthy snacks.

  • Expanding  distribution channel while spreading brand awareness.

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